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Birth With Love Doula Services, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Mid Wales

Whether you are a first time mum or giving birth to a second (or third, forth, fifth!) baby, having a doula can help make your birth experience what you want it to be.

What is a doula?

A doula is someone – usually a woman who offers emotional and physical support to a mother to be (and partner / family if required) during pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period. Their role is to “mother the mother” and help make the journey of pregnancy, birth and the early days with a new baby as fulfilling and relaxed as possible. Doulas provide tools parents to be can use to empower themselves to move confidently through the labyrinth of pregnancy and birth.

I believe women should be supported to birth how they choose, free from judgement, whether that be a home water birth, a hospital birth, a VBAC or repeat caesarean…there is no “right” way to give birth, just what is right for you.

I am a naturally empathetic person with an optimistic outlook and will strive to bring a sense of calm and nurture to your pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience, while at the same time protecting your space and decisions should the need arise.

Each woman, and each pregnancy will be unique but support I could offer as a doula includes:


Birth Doula:

  • Talking through hopes , fears and expectations for your birth and helping you focus on what kind of birth you want
  • Debriefing previous births to help you approach this one from a positive space
  • Helping your create your birth plan / preferences
  • Helping partners participate in the birth with confidence / feel more relaxed
  • Teaching partners massage for labour
  • Providing information / exercises to help with optimal foetal positioning (getting baby in a good position for birth)
  • Teaching partner positions / active birth techniques and positions
  • Sharing information on how to create a beneficial birth environment and how to get the hormones of birth to work for you
  • Creating a safe, calm space for birth – whether at home or in hospital
  • Providing pregnancy massage / reiki / Indian head massage / aromatherapy
  • Providing pregnancy yoga tuition
  • Accessing information for you so you can make informed, confident choices about the birth you would like
  • Working with you to liaise with healthcare professionals if wanted
  • Continuity of care throughout your pregnancy / birth / postnatal period
  • Emotional and physical support during the birth itself either alongside your birth partner or as your principal birth partner if required

In The Post Natal Period:

  • Birth debriefing
  • Feeding support – breast / bottle / expressing
  • Support in bonding / settling / bathing etc if needed
  • Taking care of your baby so you can have a shower / nap / have some “me” time etc
  • Helping with light housework eg washing up / washing / hoovering etc
  • Entertaining other children so you can have one on one time with your baby / looking after your baby so you can have one on one time with other children
  • Shopping / running errands / walking the dog!
  • Teaching you baby massage to share with your baby
  • Providing postnatal massage / postnatal yoga
  • Flexible support to allow you to focus on your new baby and enjoying this special time together

Contact me for a free initial meeting so that you can get a feel of what I’m like, how we might work together and what I could offer you as your doula.

Packages I offer:


2 x "official" antenatal visits that usually last several hours and explore areas you especially want to focus on. We can also use a session for a "one to one" positive birth preparation workshop with you and your birth partner
"Unofficial" meet ups - cups of tea and a chat  / working with any issues that may have arisen for you / getting to know each other so you feel totally comfortable and relaxed in my company
Pregnancy massage
On call for you from 38 weeks
Telephone and email support throughout your pregnancy
Continuous support during labour / after birth until you are happily settled
2 x postnatal visits
Support over the phone / email for the month after birth
£500, various arrangements can be made regarding installments

This is the basic package, you can add in extra antenatal or postnatal visits / massage / private birth preparation workshop / personal pregnancy yoga etc if required.



I come to your home for agreed periods of time (usually no more than 4 hours a day) to provide postnatal support. We can discuss what you require prior to the birth, but I am also happy to remain flexible as it can be difficult to decide what support you might want until the baby arrives.

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