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"Thanks Lindsay for a great massage and helping me destress. Will recommend to my friends!" - Peter Santosh

"Lindsay took the time to ask the right questions and listen to my case study. She provided a treatment using a mixture of techniques that I felt was tailor made to suit my needs. I came out feeling so relaxed and refreshed all at once and was already planning on when I might  go  back.
Thank you Lindsay for being so calm, professional and  approachable all at  once!" - Jess Baudey

Pregnancy Yoga:

"The classes gave me time to focus on my own wellbeing during pregnancy - a rare treat when you have a toddler at home. I felt so relaxed afterwards, and the techniques were a great help in labour." - Inger-Lise Kalviknes Bore

"This yoga class has become one of the highlights of my week! It's very gentle and relaxing, yet it has noticeably improved my overall flexibility and is really helping me to handle the physical changes of pregnancy. Lindsay is very helpful, patient and knowledgeable, and it's great to be doing this tailor-made course in such a supportive environment alongside others who are expecting." - Emily Carson

"I attended one to one pregnancy yoga classes with Lindsay as well as a birthing class and found the techniques and positions that I learnt a great help during labour and a fantastic way to relax and ease pains during pregnancy. Just chatting with Lindsay during my pregnancy was always a huge help due to her vast experience and knowledge." -Esyllt Evans

"Pregnancy yoga with Lindsay is the perfect way to stay in tune with your body as it undergoes lots of changes. It keeps you supple, flexible and confident with your new body shape. The relaxation exercises and mindfulness techniques allow you space to breathe and find peace within your week. Lindsay's knowledge about pregnancy, motherhood and yoga is fantastic and as a result each class leaves me feeling calm, reassured and relaxed. Thank you for everything Lindsay!" Anna

"Mynychais i'r dosbarthiadau ioga yn y misoedd yn arwain i fyny at enedigaeth fy mab.Roedd awyrgylch y dosbarthiadau yn gyfeillgar ac yn hamddenol ac yn help mawr i ymlacio ac edrych ar ôl fy hun tra'n ymgymryd â'r swydd heriol o addysgu.Roedd y technegau a ddysgwyd yn gymorth mawr yn ystod yr esgor ei hun hefyd.Yn ogystal â hyn,mynychodd fy ngŵr a finne'r gweithdy diwrnod ar enedigaeth ac roedd hyn yn gymorth mawr i leihau'r nerfau ac wrth baratoi at enedigaeth ein plentyn cyntaf.Mae gan Lindsay wybodaeth eang am roi genedigaeth a sut i wneud y gorau o'r profiad.Rwy'n edrych ymlaen i fynychu'r dosbarthiadau Ioga i fabis gyda Tomas Llew!Diolch yn fawr iawn Lindsay!"
Rhiannon Salisbury

Baby Massage & Yoga:

"Lindsay has a lovely calming presence, and a deep knowledge of holistic practices, which make her a very special practitioner and person in the field of mother and baby healing. We have attended some lovely mum and baby yoga sessions, which were very grounding and calming and great for meeting up with other friends afterwards for lunches in town! I would certainly consider seeking her doula services if I have anymore babies!" - Joanne Maddern

Toddler / Kids Yoga:

"I enjoyed coming to kids yoga because it was something we could all do together - my 3 yr old, 6 yr old and me.  Too often after school activities involved me and the little one hanging around whilst the big one has fun - Lindsay's yoga classes really are a family activity." - Anne MacDonald


"I found Lindsay’s ad for her Doula Services during one of her pregnancy yoga classes and remembered how a friend had recommended having a Doula for support during labour. Yet, up until we started working with Lindsay we didn’t know what exactly she would do for us and whether we really needed her. Now, three months after the birth of our son, I know for sure that her work was invaluable to the beautiful birthing experience we had. Lindsay provided informed and close support during the weeks before our son’s birth in helping me overcome anxieties, preparing my husband for the birth and his role in it and in helping us bond with our unborn child. She was someone to talk to when I struggled with minor complications before my due date and provided valuable material that helped me make informed decisions about my birth plan.
Lindsay was with us for the most part of 14 hours until our son was born. Always in the background and yet always there for us she made us as comfortable as one can be during labour, creating an atmosphere of safety and trust. Pulling everything from essential oils to energy drinks out of her magic bag she helped with my nausea, my husband’s fatigue, my attempts to apply yoga techniques and with the pain during contractions. All the things I could not communicate she sorted out with the midwives and nurses and she gave my husband the confidence to support me as best as he could. Her creativity is inexhaustible, her belief in me gave me the strength to pull through without Pethidine or Epidural and in a very vulnerable state she made me feel that I was in charge and that my wishes would be respected." - Christina Dawson, the birth of Galen, Aberystwyth

"Lindsay did a lot of research to help support me with my particular problems with my healthcare providers; she was present at several appointments where I needed moral support, and her massage skills helped me relax towards the end of my pregnancy when I was particularly tense.
I also thoroughly enjoyed attending a yoga class for expectant mothers, although I was unable to continue due to SPD symptoms.
I don’t know what I would have done without Lindsay and my partner providing massage and lower back pressure – due to the baby’s position, I laboured intensely in my back, and needed a lot of pressure applied to relieve the pain of contractions.
I also appreciated the gentle suggestions of different positions to try and get baby to move into a better position, as these helped alleviate some of the pressure.
When it was decided to go to a c-section, Lindsay intuitively felt that my mum needed support, and stayed with her, keeping her calm and chatting until I came down from surgery.
Knowing that I was perhaps feeling a bit vulnerable after my attempt at a natural birth was not successful, Lindsay quietly boosted my confidence by assuring me I’d done fantastically well, which is just what I needed.  She knew when to leave us to it, and was very unobtrusive as we got to know our new baby." - Louise McQuade, the birth of Robyn, Aberystwyth

"After experiencing a difficult labour during the birth of my first baby, I was terrified to go through the experience again. I felt an overwhelming sense of fear as the due date for my second baby was nearing.  Luckily I found Lindsay.  She is calm kind and reassuring. 
With her advice as a doula, I truly feel my partner and I were able to have a far more positive birth experience with our second baby.  Her reassurance gave me the confidence and strength to ask for exactly what I needed during the labour.  The massage techniques she 
taught my birth partner helped me to work through each contraction without the need for medication. I am extremely grateful to her for all of the advice she was able to give us. I am able to look back on the birth of my son as a wonderful positive experience and no longer feel 
the fear and anxiety about pregnancy and birth that I once felt." - Amanda Marzen Roberts, birth of Rowan, Aberystwyth

"Lindsay was invaluable to our whole birth experience and we are eternally grateful to her. She was informative, calm, kind, compassionate, practical and non judgemental, and helped us to feel grounded and empowered in our birth preparation and the birth itself. We instantly felt comfortable around her. When we were feeling overwhelmed Lindsay always knew what to say to help us feel calm and prepared. We couldn't have asked for better and we hope she's not busy if we have a second baby!" Katy and Ben, birth of Rowan,

"Lindsay is one of the nicest people I have ever met! She is an outstanding doula with such a warm and kind heart. I recommend her to the world! Her gentle comforting presence is soothing and calming, she is very pleasant company and is very willing to help and to listen deeply. She does so with such care and attention which is what all women need strongly in pregnancy to feel someone understands their many thoughts and feelings, that is so healing in itself. I feel so blessed to have met her through her being my doula. After having had a difficult experience in my first delivery Lindsay kindly supported me in the birth of my first daughter and my natural twins delivery. I used no pain relief for both of them. I felt more strong emotionally and she did sessions of body massage for me which was blissful and so liberating physically and emotionally. She is a professional masseuse and combines her loving and caring doula role with her skill of massage. She was my strongest form of pain relief! In labour I felt so relaxed and supported knowing all her attention was on me and she was able to give me whatever I needed. She was amazing at massaging my lower back during a contraction. The heat of her hand and the gentle circular motion was a great distraction and form of relaxation for me. Lindsay did this for the whole part of the second stage of labour after my tens machine broke! She became my means to having a natural birth, as soon as a contraction came instead of turning up the tens machine I called 'Lindsay' and she was there rubbing my back, each time so willingly. No one else could have been so patient and I am so thankful for having had her with me, I recommend her wholeheartedly." Habibah Almaghrabi, births of Sherife, and twins Hussain and Hassan

"I first met Lindsay through pregnancy yoga and came to believe that she would be an excellent doula. Being from the US and without my mum, I wanted someone who would be there for me during the last months of pregnancy and the birth of my daughter. Lindsay was very attentive to my needs. She provided me with helpful information, relaxing massages, yoga positions and much needed companionship.
From the beginning of my labour until well after birthing, she was there with me. Ican't recommend highly enough the invaluable service she provided."
Mona Morgan, birth of Rhiannon

Lindsay is really knowledgeable and reassuring from birth preparation right through to labour and even provided us with great care and support after our baby was born.  She always answered any questions we had and provided a good range of support services and information resources.  She was always happy to meet for even just a coffee and a chat which helped build good rapport and a trusting relationship in advance of labour which meant we were really comfortable with Lindsay at each stage of the process.  We would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a bit of extra support or even just friendly reassurance during pregnancy and labour. Amy and Dee  Ellen, birth of Ivy

"During my pregnancy I was fortunate to have my brothers give me the gift of a doula.  As it was my first pregnancy I had a million and one different thoughts and questions about the process of pregnancy and childbirth.  Having a doula was just what I needed during such a life changing time as she provided physical, emotional and educational support.  I also attended Lindsay’s hypnobirth and positive birth workshops as well as her pregnancy yoga classes which were really useful as they tight me relaxation techniques for a positive, natural and powerful birthing experience.

I felt secure in the knowledge that I had someone who would be at the birth of my baby who knew what I wanted and was able and willing to advocate on my behalf if necessary.  Lindsay was brilliant during my labour as she provided comfort and relief through massage and was very encouraging in helping me to fulfil my desire to have a natural water birth using the hypnobirthing techniques I had learned.

Having a doula was amazing once I had given birth to my beautiful baby girl as Lindsay was able to take photographs of my partner, my daughter and myself just after she was born.  Thanks to Lindsay’s presence I have wonderful photos of our special first moments with our baby girl. I was so glad that I had Lindsay with me during and after my labour as she kindly stayed until the early hours of the morning and helped me establish breastfeeding.

I cannot thank my brothers enough for giving me the gift of a doula and I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Lindsay for being such a fantastic doula during my pregnancy and a great friend since the birth of my baby girl.  If I were to ever have more children I would definitely want to have Lindsay as my doula again." Frances Jardine, birth of Isabella

Birth Workshop

"Thanks for the notes. There's a huge amount of really useful stuff in there. I hope I have enough time to read through all of it again!
Thanks again for a really lovely workshop. Dylan and I both found it useful, and a really nice way to bond before the birth. I would definitely recommend your workshop to other pregnant women!" -  Emily Hall

"Mynychodd fy ngŵr a finne'r gweithdy diwrnod ar enedigaeth ac roedd hyn yn gymorth mawr i leihau'r nerfau ac wrth baratoi at enedigaeth ein plentyn cyntaf.Mae gan Lindsay wybodaeth eang am roi genedigaeth a sut i wneud y gorau o'r profiad."
Rhiannon Salisbury

"The class was fantastic, Lindsay is so knowledable and full of positive reassurance and advice. Having the time to think about our second labour was so valuable. I feel confident about what we need to do to get orgniased in the right head space for the birth. A lovely, relaxed and informative afternoon, thank you so much!"
Louise Ritchie

"Brilliant afternoon, easy going and learnt a lot, thank you"

"Enjoyed the afternoon, found myself feeling more positive :-) Great to interact with others in the same situation. Love how understanding and approachable Lindsay is! Thank you"
Lisa Morgans

"The practical elements like the positions and massage were really helpful and the theoretical elements helped to make me feel more confident. It was great to have so much depth, I feel I can go away and really use what I have learned" 


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